Our Biggest Contributor

Cindy Aparicio is our biggest contributor and the visionary behind Minimal And Simple Living. Cindy's dedication to simplifying lives and her generous donations have made a significant impact on our online thrift store community.

About Minimal And Simple Living Founded by Cindy after years of globetrotting with just a suitcase, Minimal And Simple Living is more than just a home decluttering service. It's a step towards embracing a life of minimalism. Cindy combines her love for helping others and her passion for decluttering to assist you in eliminating unnecessary items, promoting a clutter-free environment that not only cleanses your space but also benefits those in need.

Why You Should Consider Minimal And Simple Living:

  • Reduce Clutter: Transform your home into a serene and orderly sanctuary.
  • Give Back: All unwanted items are donated to help those less fortunate.
  • Sustainable Living: Embrace a lifestyle that reduces waste and promotes environmental care.

As Cindy has shown us, living a fulfilling life doesn't require much. It's about focusing on what truly matters. We invite you to experience the joy and freedom of minimal living by hiring her incredible services. Whether you're looking to declutter your space or simplify your life, Cindy and her team are here to guide you every step of the way.

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