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Support My New House's Mission Today!

My New House is a committed nonprofit in California, dedicated to supporting those in critical need. Our mission is to ensure dignity and opportunity for everyone we help, through programs that have a real impact. We offer Utility Assistance to low-income families, helping them cover essential utility expenses to maintain safe and comfortable homes. Our Scholarship program supports young individuals without parental backing, providing them with educational opportunities for a brighter future. Through Basic Needs Home Delivery, we ensure that struggling families receive the essential supplies they need, promoting security and well-being. Additionally, we're developing a Basketball Academy for at-risk youth, offering them a place for growth, learning, and confidence-building in a supportive environment. My New House believes in community strength and the power of collective action, aiming not only for immediate aid but for long-term resilience and dignity.

Your support is vital, allowing us to continue and expand our efforts to reach more people in need. Together, we can significantly impact the lives of the most vulnerable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a price match guarantee. If you find an identical item for a lower price at another store, please let us know, and we'll match the price. It must come from a trusted store.

Absolutely! We accept offers on items. Feel free to negotiate a price that works for you. The negotiated product must be picked up from our store. We do not negotiate on items that involve shipping costs.

All purchases are final at our thrift store. We do not accept returns or exchanges. Your purchases are considered donations to us.

We are committed to sustainability and recycle all shipping materials to minimize environmental impact.

Yes, you can pick up your purchases at our thrift store storage without any additional cost. However, the store opens based on volunteer availability.

Many of our volunteers are seniors or have a disability. Consider bringing assistance to help load items into your car.

You can drop off your donations at our store or email at us store@mynewhousela.org for pick-up arrangements. We greatly appreciate your contributions.

We welcome volunteers both online and at our site. Due to space limitations in our small warehouse, the number of in-person volunteers is limited. Please contact us at store@mynewhousela.org to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Certainly! We do provide tax receipts for donations made in the form of money, time, or products. Your contributions qualify for tax deductions. Nonprofits are required by IRS regulations to issue tax receipts for contributions exceeding $250.00. If you require a tax letter, please reach out to us via email at store@mynewhousela.org.

Donations can be made directly through our website or by contacting us at info@mynewhousela.org. Every dollar helps us support vital community programs.

All proceeds from our thrift store go towards funding important community initiatives:

  • Utility Assistance: We help low-income families with their utility expenses, ensuring access to essential services.
  • Scholarships: We provide scholarships to students lacking parental support, offering them opportunities for a brighter future.
  • Basic Needs Home Delivery: We deliver essential supplies directly to families in need.
  • Basketball Academy Development: We are developing a basketball academy for at-risk youth, providing a safe space for growth and learning.

Your support through purchases, donations, or volunteering makes a significant impact on these programs, helping us bring essential services and opportunities to those in need.

Absolutely! Here is our website: https://www.mynewhousela.com/